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Promises, Promises… among other things

I’m currently listening to this song posted on youtube and I can’t help but reminisce and feel nostalgic somehow. And the weird thing about it is I’m getting recollections of a few (previously) untapped memories  and I’m constantly taken to a time in my life between the summer after high school, leaving my mom’s province where I studied and moving to my father’s side of the family.

I guess it’s not weird at all, now that I remember. My musical preference was particularly centered on a single band back then. The band’s name… Incubus. The year was 2001.

And this is the song I keep playing over and over as I write this post.


Promises, Promises (lyrics)

Has it been a decade already? Shet! Taena, sampung taon na nga!

If I had a kid back then (not that I would have) she would be in fourth grade already?

I was 17 then, and now I’m turning twenty-freakin’-seven!

The phone I was using then was a nokia 5210, a 3 liner, block-pixelled like a calculator, pale-yellow-back-lit device with a pinky-tip like antenna, almost exclusively used for texting and calling if not for the, then innovative, feature to play Snake and another game I can’t remember if my life depends on it –and it wasn’t even mine.

Memories just keeps popping out of nowhere, almost as clear as how I could remember my black and white Caterpillar rubber sneakers with a growing hole on top of where my big right toe is supposed to be (I loved how that shoes almost always smells brand new, ‘guess coz it was imported; Sent by my mom along with other goods, sharing the package with an assortment of stuff that smells brand new as well) .. Pakeyj!!! Wee!!!

It has been that long already. A testament to that is the almost-delicate, ballad-like sophistication of the music my ear is enjoying right at this moment. No more DJ samples and scratches from Kilmore or Lyfe. Done with the virtuosic slap-bass funk groove of Dirk Lance and replaced by then guitarist for The Roots Ben Kenney whom, I think, is responsible for the growth of the band musically for having to infuse a more contemporary rock kind of maturity to the band’s then mostly experimental cosmic-galaxy-like inspired guitar effects of Mike Einziger with funk groove kinda nu-METAL beats and licks of Jose Pasillas? (I can’t gather enough applicable adjectives to define their previous 2 studio albums even if I wanted to –but I will continually try…)

this looks incredibly familiar…

Great as they were musically and skill-wise, in my opinion, they were simply a group of talented and heavily influenced, fun-driven, energetic young men with something to prove. Whatever that maybe, no one will attest to the fact that they succeeded on it, immensely. Now more than a decade and 3 more albums bought, a new and promising collection of well written and inspired songs is waiting to find its way on my collection. If the rest of the album sucked (which I’m sure it won’t) I would still buy and play it continuously for the 2 songs released alone. Something about the lyrics and the melody that hits me –and hits me deep -close to how John Meyer’s Room for Squares took me for a surprising ride the first time I played (and finish through) my copy of it on a cassette tape back in college.


The definition of all those big words and more, connects with the most human point of substance within those of us who can relate all come in to play to communicate, encouraging us to listen… listen more… listen well… and without any gesture of approval, we know we connected -touched even. It fascinates me how Brandon Boyd’s lyrics and melodic structure transcends the message the way it does. It just works for me. There’s just a few artist that I can mention that connects to me in the same way or in the level that he does. One of whom, well… John Meyer. Another was Jeff Buckley. But I’ll write about them in a separate post when inspiration strikes.

For now. take a look at this.

click this for details

 ‘Nuff said.

If Not Now, When?

Am I alone in thinking that rock music today sound confusingly pop, and rock artists looking ridiculously “blinged out?” I mean, if I were a 13 year old kid trying to learn music on my own and decided to have a rock inclination in my style, what “new” band do I listen to to give me that and not be embarrassed about sharing what I learned, playing it to my friends as what I perceive was a good representation of the genre and not look fooled by the chance that it may not? I’m not going to mention any artist or bands that may fall under that questionable category, but what really happened in the industry that even rock artists now suddenly felt the urge to “bling out” (in their own EMO way??) all shiny and dark at the same time, with sci-fi theatrical space-age drama and stuff? I have nothing against hip hop artists, or any artists for that matter (well, I may have a few reservations here in the Philippines) but is taking your visual image to the extreme really has an effect of how you introduce and share your musical creativity? Or am I just looking at these at a completely wrong and judgmental angle? I think I’m being judgmental… I never listened to their kind of stuff anyway…

Enough of me ranting… here’s something to get excited about.

It will be released July 12th 2011 with confirmed tracks of 11 which includes this epic song with relatively simple but powerful lyrics (it suddenly made me count my age for some reason).

(so simple, yet so damn epic!)

Reading from news here and there, the band admits that “it’s definitely not a hard rock record.” Well, I could sure use songs like these. It feels as though there’s an undertone of suggestive self assessment but not with a Radiohead The Bends kind of vibe to it, it’s distinctly Incubus all the way… but different… a very welcome good kind of different…

I must say that I have always been an Incubus fan (seen them once and not nearly enough live), and from the looks of it, I will still continue to… and always will be.

Bamboo – Bamboo = HIJO

Can you imagine Bamboo (the band) without Bamboo? Now picture Nathan Azarcon playing the bass and leading the band as the vocalist as well. Then add the sophisticated licks from Radioactive Sago Project lead guitarist Junji Lerma.

Hijo – born from the ashes of one of the most successful and most in-demand OPM band, introduces a new flavor of rock music that will definitely set them apart from the rest and prove their own identity apart from their earlier and (somewhat) eponymous group with front man Bamboo.

(band photo linked from source URL)

Here’s the links from an interview they had with Aldus Santos for

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Do I really have what it takes to be a good writer?

At some point in our lives, we encounter a certain interest that we wish we could excel in and be proud of, for whatever achievement we make of it. Well, I have more than a few – a lot even! A couple of years back, I had to take a refresher training on written grammar for work. For some reason, the thought of playing with words and doing it right by conforming to certain rules tickled my creative nerve. I started reading again (novels, web tutorials, practically anything I can get my hands on besides a broadsheet newspaper) and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. It took my intrigued senses to the extent of befriending the company English coach and persuaded him to play as my personal editor. My first few articles and essays didn’t look too promising, even to my standards, but I guess I was limited by the boundary of topics that I can write about – which are mostly about myself and shallow recollection of my childhood, though I must say that my editor wasn’t too harsh in breaking the news to me that I practically (for the lack of better adjective) sucked.  I didn’t feel  a hint of discouragement, in fact I was challenged. I never sucked at anything that I tried and loved to do, or maybe I never assessed my competency on the matter with the supervision by someone with the credibility to criticize me. Whatever the reason may be, the fact that I still write ‘til now is a testament of how seriously I took my then newly found hobby.

I started to write about my own experiences in kind of a journal narrative approach which from its nature, tend to be a little too personal to be shared to ask opinion about from other people. I also tried to invent fictional short story characters but to my surprise, tying up loose ends of situations and predicaments, even introduced sub-characters, wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. In fact, it could be really frustrating and really took the fun out of what I thought could be a fun and productive past-time. I watched as much of my all time favorite movies hoping for an incursion of inspiration to fuel my creative ego in desperate need of such.  It got me nostalgic, depressed, and deeply sentimental. Then I started writing set of words and thoughts that I never realized I had -or still have. I reminisced, pictured faces of my friends and all the interesting characters that played a role (one way or another) in my life. I felt peace that I lived the way I did and made the mistakes that even the best of us inevitably will. I entertained regrets, fears, pain, insecurities and embarrassments – emotions such from the sorrow of longing for one’s touch that never will be mended or otherwise forgotten, the cause of one lost love. I realized, writing for me serves as an intimate conversation with my inner self – the person in me that remembers when I last truly laughed; the only one who knows when my tears alone cannot represent the torture being endured by my broken heart.

At that moment I realized, I learned how to write.

But am I any good?

I’ve went through dozens of job interviews and I often receive a comment generally stating that I’m good at getting my point across. I love to speak my mind and I value a person who listens. Speech and writing are two completely different elements. In a personal interview, there are a lot of practices that you can employ to express your thought and, to some extent, can be used to create impact or even project a positive impression even if what you’re saying implies otherwise. Hand gestures, posture, eye contact and facial expression are just a few of these practices to be noted. But writers may feel limited by the medium of just words at their disposal. Just words, eh? Some would oppose the latter statement as completely the opposite. Words are potent tools, weapons even, that some of the brightest minds in history considers no alternative to inspire people and encourage change when change was due. Take Jose Rizal for example. He never pointed a weapon to an enemy of the revolution but the combination of impact and substance in his writing alone eventually lead us to gain our freedom back. Knowing what great writers like Rizal had accomplished with their work makes me feel exponentially inadequate, which lead me to be in this constant quest for knowledge and emotional sensitivity towards everything around me. If in my experiences in life alone makes me feel inadequate, why would my writing be any different? Some may argue that we just have to find our own voice and deliver from it, which I agree in and consider it to be  a great word of encouragement, but I still can’t help but question my competence.

So am I any good? I honestly think not.

But I will.

The Stolen Scream

This is an interesting topic I happen to come across from a while back. For those people who are wondering about the issues regarding the ownership of their photos posted online, you might learn a few things from this video. For artists who want to be recognized for their craft (don’t they all?) and not for the monetary reward of their work (especially in photography and visual art), this is an interesting view on how and where your preference on the matter might eventually take you. This shows a great difference in opinion between artists, and art enthusiasts alike, on how someone’s fulfillment might come from a completely different form than others.


Foo Fighters With The Dropped ” T “

I recently posted a link for the Foo Fighters’ latest album with the link where it hosted the full album streamed online for free. I was excited to say the least. But when I saw this message posted on their Facebook page, I guess I’m not the only one wishing to see them live here at our own shore. Read the rest of this page »

Wasting Light

Foo Fighters just released their new album Wasting Light, and it is free for everyone to check out here.

And there’s a live full album mp3 spreading around the web and I’m guilty of downloading it over a torrent site. I believe it was recorded from one of their unannounced Read the rest of this page »

Trying Photography

I know I have not posted anything in the past 2 years. There was even a time when I thought this blog is already deactivated or not getting any views at all. But to my surprise, there has been a regular traffic directing to some of  my earlier posts, mainly from the “Franco” posts and Elizabethtown movie.

It got me thinking… “What have I been doing lately?” Read the rest of this page »

Merry Christmas (My One And Only Love)

In the spirit of this joyful occasion that is Christmas let me share this song that I listen to whenever I want to feel the Christmas spirit any day of the year. The song wasn’t exactly a carol or anyway related to Christmas itself, but the melody just uplifts me somehow to somewhere safe and joyful and serene and innocent and surreal (in a Disney animated movie kinda way). Enough!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Found this one too by Frank Sinatra, it has the lyrics so might as well post it too. But I prefer Sting’s version better since it’s the one I’m more familiar with and related to better. But either one has their own appeal to it, so enjoy!